And Trust All To God

September 2nd, 2014

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1 Samuel 1:12-28

Hannah’s prayer has been answered. Her childlessness had made her an object of ridicule and scorn, but now, the Lord now gives her the desire of her heart. To seal the seriousness of her prayer Hannah vows to return the child to God, if He sends one to her. The Lord graciously gives her a son. All children are gifts from God to be cared for, respected, loved, cherished, and guarded. Hannah shows gratitude for the gift she received in the best way possible. She gives the gift back to the Giver, the One whom she could trust with her long-desired child. Hannah remembered her vow. Often promises made to God in times of distress are forgotten as soon as the sun comes out and peace and calm are restored. Not so with Hannah. Her promise to God was not taken lightly or thoughtlessly. She entrusts what is most precious to her to the One who is even more precious–her Heavenly Father.

We must remember the both promises we have made to God and the One to who we made them.

Author: William A. Roberts

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