Where Can I Go But To The Lord?

September 1st, 2014

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1 Samuel 1:1-11

1 Samuel 1:10 is the cry of a woman in deep distress. In a culture where the ability to bear children carried social, emotional, and theological significance, Hannah was lacking. The other woman in the household, who had borne children, provoked her. All the while, Hannah’s husband didn’t seem to understand her pain.

Hannah does the only thing she can–she pours her heart out to the Lord. This is no shallow, perfunctory prayer. She is not timid, but beseeches the Lord from the deepest part of her soul. The reason Hannah, and we, are able to speak to God this way is because we trust Him. We know we can speak to Him from our heart because we know He loves us and is strong enough to take whatever we can throw at Him. We are secure in Him. That is why, like a petulant child who expresses her inmost pain to her parents with the knowledge that she can never exhaust their love for her, Hannah is confident in God’s faithfulness. . Where can I go in my pain, my grief, my hurt, my bitterness? I can go to the Lord.

Author: William A. Roberts

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