An Ever-Present God

August 10th, 2014

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Psalm 23:1-6

Piano lessons were cause for dread. My teacher parked on the piano bench right next to me, elbowed me in the ribs if I played a piece wrong, and she rapped our knuckles with a ruler if we hit the wrong note. She was too close for comfort and created discord instead of harmony!

Strangely, I’ve become a piano teacher. My goal is to convey that the pain of practice brings the joy of music! Hopefully, from a chair beside the piano bench, my presence is more help, than hindrance.

As our Ever-present Shepherd, God is always up close and personal with His sheep. He uses any tool and any means to keep us in paths of righteousness. A rod and staff being used to keep us in place doesn’t sound appealing. But, if the rod blocks someone from running us over and the crook of the staff lifts us up out of a ditch, we might reconsider!

Even though the process doesn’t always feel good, the knowledge that the Lord is leading us beside quiet waters to restore our souls, should comfort us. We truly need have no fear of death or evil because He abides with us.

Author: Evangeline Gardner

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