God Enables & Equips

August 9th, 2014

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Hebrews 13:9-21

Climbing the dusty, hot trails to my first destination, I thought, “There’s something wrong with this picture!” Sick with an upper-respiratory flu, I was about to go zip lining through the jungle of Puerto Vallarta. Not my first choice of activities!

However, here I was carrying heavy equipment, wearing helmet and harness as I trudged up the first mountain. I had been instructed about connectors, ropes, pulleys, anchors, riggings, lines, and brakes, mostly in Spanish! It made no sense to me. I felt so rotten, that I really didn’t care.

I reached the first platform and there was a trained attendant there to hook me up and push me off the edge. Soon I was flying above the trees! I was a bird! I was free! Then at the end of the line there was another guy to catch me. I was safe!
The next several hours were more climbing, but the zipping was worth it!

Sometimes, God leads us into situations that seem bizarre to us. But, if we are obedient and willing to take risks, He always equips and enables us. He provides everything we need when we take a leap of faith!

Author: Evangeline Gardner

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