Abundantly Satisfied

August 5th, 2014

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Luke 9:1-17

In Evangeline’s family, all of the ladies really enjoy socializing by going out to eat. It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant, but part of the excitement of being served is the knowledge that there will be leftovers. As she eats her fill, she is already anticipating the “doggie-bag” meal later.

A couple of years ago, Evangeline had the privilege of visiting an inner-city church for a Sunday morning church service. The service began with lively praise music, the congregation spontaneously standing and clapping. Next, people began to stand and testify to God’s provision for them through the week. At prayer time, people came forward and others joined them. There was prayer for each person. The sermon was practical and uplifting with “Amens!” and shouts of agreement. Before the service concluded, members had broken out into songs of joy and reports of miracles. After two hours, they all had dinner together, as is their custom.

Evangeline didn’t need lunch. She had come in spiritually hungry, but she left feeling full to overflowing.

Author: Evangeline Gardner


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