The Ripple Effect

July 22nd, 2014

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Genesis 20:1-18

Abraham’s fears tended to repeat themselves. As a result, this caused problems for its victims. Twice Abraham tried to lie about Sarah, claiming she was his sister instead of his wife (Genesis 12 and 20). Does he deserve credit because it is a half-truth? Probably not; in both cases, God moves swiftly to protect and preserve Sarah.

When we are afraid, we can also act deceptively. Call it what you will; self-preservation, cowardice, selfishness, or greed, it often stems from fear. Lack of the facts can cause us to react in ways we otherwise would never have considered. God, in His mercy, provides for us even then. Because King Abimelek had a pure motive, God divinely intervened and prevented him from sinning.

When our hearts are pure, God’s power helps us avoid sin. Abimelek was not destined to sin because of Abraham’s lie. In the same way, we are not destined to sin, or even excused to sin, when someone deceives or lies to us.

Author: Lisa Mueller

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