Instigator of Peace

July 21st, 2014

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Genesis 13:1-18

In Genesis 13 Abram sets a pattern of behavior for us; peaceful resolutions nearly always rely on self-sacrifice. When Abram and Lot came to the place where they needed to part ways, Abram as the elder had every right to choose his land first. Instead Abram’s lack of greed was evident when he allowed Lot to choose first. Lot chose what he thought was the best option—for himself.

In every domestic argument, in every conflict, there comes a moment when both or one of the parties can step back and prevent the situation from deteriorating further. This was that moment. Abram brought peace through sacrifice. It was generous of Abram to allow Lot to choose. Lot’s choice, however, landed him close to sin, and close to the consequences of it.

Many of our choices are made without fully understanding the consequences. If we would take that initial moment, when the choice lies before us, and chose the interests of others, we might find our long term circumstances more conducive to our spiritual well-being.

Author: Lisa Mueller


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