Support Needs Perseverance

July 17th, 2014

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Jeremiah 36:17-32

It has happened many times throughout the course of history. A message is written, but it’s not easy to swallow; it’s one that brings conviction. There are two responses: repentance or rejection.

The message dictated by Jeremiah and written down by Baruch was rejected by the king. Piece by piece, the scroll was cut up and burned. How disheartening. Even the messenger became a wanted man. But God’s message would, could, or will not be stopped. Jeremiah and Baruch were sent into hiding. Now Baruch writes down the words of Jeremiah a second time on a second scroll.

It would have been easy for Jeremiah and Baruch to say they had tried their best. They had written a message and it was rejected. But God would not have them stop just because they encountered rejection and even persecution.

Today there are many people who would want to silence the truths declared in God’s Word. Rejection and even persecution should not lead us to retreat but to carry on. We are called to be faithful and to persevere.

Author: Norayr Hajian

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