Rebellion Has Consequences

July 3rd, 2014

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Numbers 20:14-29

Can you imagine how Aaron felt when he got the news, “You’re not going to the Promised Land”? What a devastating let-down! All those years of wilderness wandering; anticipation of living in a land “flowing with milk and honey,” eating the delectable grapes, figs, pomegranates. Now he was to be stripped of his priestly garments and die within sight of the goal; it seemed so unfair. Still, bad things happen to spiritual rebels.

Aaron wasn’t the only Bible character who suffered for his rebellion. There’s wrong-way Jonah, the prophet who high-tailed himself west when God told him to go east to Nineveh. He became lunch for a mighty big fish. Remember Balaam and the reprimand from his talking donkey? (Numbers 22). His life ended on the wrong end of a sword (Numbers 31:8). And then there’s Saul, king of Israel. Impatient with God’s timing, he rebelled and lost his kingdom as well as his life.

What’s my rebellion rating? The consequences may not be as spectacular, but they’re just as serious. Is there a breakdown in our relationship with God? Let’s not become spiritual rebels!

Author: Wil Watson


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