Father Knows Best

July 1st, 2014

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Exodus 19:1-14

As a young boy, the phrase “father knows best” was not my favorite. There were times when I was like the little boy who defied his father’s order to sit down. After being forced to sit, he responded, “I may be sitting down, but I’m standing up inside!” I didn’t understand obedience needs to come from a willing heart, not just reluctant submission.

One day my role changed. Now a dad, I still didn’t like that phrase! Becoming a father brought heavy responsibility for my children. Parameters to establish, discipline to enforce, authority to model, moral principles to instill, values to uphold, example to set, spiritual heritage to give. It was scary! I didn’t always “know best” or “do best.” Help was needed! Thank God, it was available.

Israel’s heavenly Father really “knew best.” He had a good plan for them: “Obey me fully,” “keep my covenant,” “you will be my treasured possession,” “a kingdom of priests” and “a holy nation” (Exodus 19:5-6). They just needed to trust and obey—even if they didn’t understand. He still knows best.

Author: Wil Watson


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