God Revealed Through People

June 29th, 2014

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Daniel 6:15-28

Being thrown to the lions is not any fun at all. Some Christians living in dark places in the world know full-well what it means to literally lay their lives on the line for their faith. Most of us have no idea what that might be like.

Most of us, however, have experienced a lesser version of being thrown to the lions. We speak the truth in a difficult situation the most loving, faithful way we know and a friendship ends. Folks who claim to be our friends turn their backs. We’re offered no chance to tell the real story.

There’s something more important happening here than God merely rewarding Daniel’s faithfulness: God is revealing himself through Daniel’s circumstance. On the other side of Daniel’s night with the lions, the king ends up professing faith and worship to the Lord. In the midst of the pain, fear, and embarrassment of being thrown to the lions, the faithfulness, majesty, and reality of God may be revealed through us.

This day, remember the One who revealed the ultimate faithfulness of God through suffering: the Lord Jesus.

Author: Mark A. Hendrickson

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