A Faithful Watchman

May 31st, 2014

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Ezekiel 3:16-27


The watchman was a key and comforting figure in ancient cities. Typically the Jews divided the night into three “watches” of approximately four hours each. The watchman was to stay alert while the city slept. It was his job to watch out for any danger that might threaten the life or property of the residents: thieves, fire, an approaching army, whatever. If a danger was discovered the watchman was to raise the alarm. If a watchman neglected his duty by sleeping on his watch or, even worse, by taking a bribe to “look the other way,” his own life could be forfeit for his betrayal of trust. Being a watchman was a serious responsibility.


It is no less true for the one who speaks for God. If God gave Ezekiel a warning for the people, he must speak out “or be held accountable for their blood” (3:18). If they ignore God’s messenger, then the judgment falls on them but not His faithful servant.


Ezekiel was God’s servant whether in silence or speaking.


Faithfulness was the key. It still is.


Author: Duane C. Brush



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