God Has a Bigger Plan

May 23rd, 2014

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Romans 5:1-11

Nearly a million people attempt suicide each year. We wonder how so many could feel this hopeless. You too, may be facing difficult situations and feeling a bit hopeless.

Hope is when we believe it’s going to happen, but we have no clue how. We don’t see how, but we see Him. Our focus remains on what He will do. More than hope, God wants us to believe, trust, and anticipate that He’ll take care of things in His perfect timing. Hope is not unfounded optimism, but trust that God has a bigger plan, a purpose for your life. I can say to you confidently, your future is not determined by your current situation. The God who created everything out of nothing can do the impossible.

Do not waste one minute today worrying about tomorrow. It is not God’s will for us to live in fear. We can choose to remain hopeful in spite of our problems. Even though we do not know all the answers, He does. Release your fears and then trust Him.

Author: Susan Crook

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