God Prunes with a Purpose

May 22nd, 2014

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John 15:1-17

Trees budding, flowers blooming, vibrant colors splash across the canvas of the neighborhoods. Thank goodness, after a long and lifeless winter, spring never fails to return! Somehow, though, each winter I struggle to imagine the brown thorny rosebushes exploding into vibrant shades of green, with little pops of pink buds over all.

I need to admit that last fall my rosebushes endured over-zealous pruning. This pruning concept can be ugly. Stubby brown sticks remained lifeless all winter. I feared the worse.

So what happened? Much to my surprise, because of the pruning, the roses bloomed stronger, bigger, and prettier than ever. This temporary setback actually caused them to flourish!

Jesus said that He prunes every branch, so it will be more fruitful. He prunes with a purpose, that we may be strengthened and blossom. However, we will not blossom apart from Christ. We must remain connected to the vine or we can do nothing.

Are you connected?

Author: Susan Crook


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