Outside the Four Walls

May 21st, 2014

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Mark 12:28-43

The entire Old Testament law is summed up in two commands: 1) love God; 2) love others. God repeated “love one another” numerous times throughout the New Testament. Why not just say it once and move on? I think it’s because God knew we would struggle with this command!

Many people today “love” everything. The word “love” is so overused that it is almost ambiguous. However, Jesus qualifies the word love for others as a decision, not a feeling. The feeling may never come, but we can decide we’re going to love others – even when they don’t deserve it. It’s a discipline we can learn. And like any discipline, the more we practice it, the better we become. Practice it enough and we could possibly become experts at loving others.

Live a lifestyle that emulates the heart of Jesus. Take a meal, mow a lawn, send an anonymous gift, or watch children for a young couple so they can take a long overdue date night.

Pray that you’ll recognize opportunities to serve.

Author: Susan Crook

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