Navigating the Sea of Life

May 19th, 2014

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Psalm 107:23-32

The mighty waters flung the terrified Old Testament sea merchants back and forth across the ship. Psalm 107:27 tells us they were at their wits’ end when they cried out to the Lord.

Did you notice–the merchants were “at their wits’ end” before they cried out to the Lord? Ouch. Sound vaguely familiar? Why is it that we wait until we’re in complete distress before we cry out to the Creator of the universe? The One who performs staggering miracles (stills the storm, hushes the sea).

Scripture says the sea merchants were “glad when it grew calm.” God guided them to their desired haven and they gave thanks. I bet they did! After surviving any storm, we’re thankful!

Everyone experiences unpleasant storms in life. Some are harder and longer than others, but no storm lasts a moment longer than God allows for His purpose to be fulfilled. Call out to God (before we’re at our wits’ end) and give thanks. We can trust and believe that our omnipotent Captain has it under control.

Author: Susan Crook

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