Old Life Dies: New Life Begins

May 11th, 2014

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Ephesians 4:17-32
A big shout out to teachers who bring to light kingdom ways!

Paul lays out a sharp contrast between the old self and the new self in Ephesians 4. In the middle, he credits those who were teaching the Ephesians how to live.

Old self: without understanding, hard hearted, insensitive, indulgent and lustful.

Then there came a teacher or teachers who made life in Christ understood. They insisted the Ephesians stop the old ways and explained the new ones. They taught of Jesus and his ways. Through the enlightening of the Spirit, the Ephesians got it. Paul continued teaching here.

New self: truthful, able to resolve anger, honest, working, generous, encouraging in conversation, kind, compassionate and forgiving.

Do you teach a Sunday school class or a Bible study, lead a small group or an accountability gathering? You are doing great kingdom work. Whether or not you see great changes, you are doing divine things.

Part of the “new self” is to be an encouragement in your conversation.

Author: Donna Bordelon Alder


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