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May 6th, 2014

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Psalm 119:1-16

The southeast trade winds blew warm and salty across the polished deck of the 96-foot yacht Cachelote. Sixteen of us stood and watched dolphins racing our boat on its way to the island of Baltra in the Galapagos. On this, the last day of our on-location ecology course, we were headed toward the final port for our departure. I watched the four white sails fill and hold the wind as it powered us forward.

During that 7-day trip our course direction varied from one day to the next. The sails would shift to maximize the power of the wind and keep us on course in the prevailing southeasterlies. Each day the captain’s careful course corrections kept the sails accurately aligned to propel us to the proper destination.

Hiding God’s word in the heart establishes the course corrections for the saints. Pressuring winds of worry, confusion, or heartsickness can lead in the wrong direction or to unrighteous decisions, were it not for the stabilizing course corrections of the Word of God. Keep it there in your heart. Refresh it daily.

Author: Donna Bordelon Alder

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