Worshiping in Splendor

May 5th, 2014

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Psalm 29:1-11

My friend woke in the dark hours of the morning. His all too familiar piercing back pain refused to allow further sleep. So he quietly descended the dark stairway into the living room. There he stretched out on the floor before his green lounge chair and began to pray, as was his custom during such sleepless hours. He was there for some time when the God of Heaven opened the door of His holiness to this praying man. Splendor, grandeur, and majesty like a breathtaking sunset or the view from atop a tall mountain. He was surrounded by an all-encompassing peace, this was God’s holiness. He found himself wrapped in worship, totally unaware of the once unrelenting pain, knowing only the splendor of God’s holiness. The pain had not gone, for soon he would recognize it again, but the presence of God was so overwhelming that all other sensations slid into a far distant dimness.

It is not difficult to give God the glory due His name once you experience the splendor of His holiness. May this splendor possess your understanding this day.

Author: Donna Bordelon Alder


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