Humility from Judgment

April 1st, 2014

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Psalm 51:1-9

“Judgment” is a word we try to avoid. We are told not to judge others; that we rarely, if ever, have the full picture of a situation; that the appropriate persons will pass judgment as necessary. “Judgment” has become a taboo word. Yet, it exists all around us, but do we seek to remove it from the equation regarding God?

Conceptually, we recognize that God is the Judge, but do we consider what that actually looks like in our life? Such an outlook can result in misunderstanding the character and nature of God. We quickly attribute to God love, forgiveness, long-suffering, faithfulness; but judge? God is Judge, but He is not a blind, heartless sentence-giver. He is Judge: and that includes His other attributes.

As a loving, forgiving, long-suffering, faithful God, He also is the judge of our thoughts and actions. Though this may sound daunting, we can take solace in the idea that this same God seeks to offer peace into our judgment-deserving situations.

Author: Kevin G. Smith

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