Humility from Forgiveness

March 31st, 2014

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Psalm 32:1-11

As a child, I could not determine whether getting in trouble or being forgiven was harder to take. Punishment is not so bad, but knowing that your parent, though feeling pain and disappointment, could turn and say, “I love you.” That’s a powerful statement! In the same way, God knows where we are in need of forgiveness, and He is more than willing to provide that mercy. However, we often sense a burden for the wrongs we have done before God, and this burden is magnified at His compassionate touch.

Listen to the Psalmist: forgiveness is not the bone-crushing burden we believe it to be. Our iniquities press down upon us until the Lord grants His forgiveness. This forgiveness is a blessing, not a burden.

This forgiveness can then lead us to extend such mercy to others, showing them, through our own experiences, where life can go awry and how the grace and mercy of God brings healing. Such forgiveness need not lead us to feel a false burden of guilt, but to an experience of God’s forgiveness resulting in gratitude and humility, visible to others.

Author: Kevin G. Smith

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