Spare The Rod…

March 27th, 2014

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Job 5:15-27

Throughout my years of school, I always had in my class at least one of those kids—the spoiled, haughty, mean-tempered kind with no concern for others. These children boldly disrespected authority or acted as though they were better than everyone else due to one reason: a lack of discipline. They knew their parents would not punish them, so they were free to behave terribly without any consequences.

With that in mind, would you consider it a blessing to be disciplined? Enduring punishment is never pleasant at the time, but in retrospect, I am so thankful that my parents disciplined me. It taught me right from wrong and prevented me from developing the same attitudes as some of my old classmates.

How is it any different with God? He is our Father, and a good parent disciplines his child out of love. Can you imagine the destruction that would result from a life lived with absolutely no rules and no guidance from God? The next time I am humbled by God’s correction, I will remember to be thankful!

Author: Mallory Sauer


2 Responses to “Spare The Rod…”

  1. Dfoley Says:

    March 27th, 2014 at 10:12 am

    This type of discipline is very difficult! We do not thank God for correction. Many times what we really wonder is “why me?”. I know that I do. It is only after a period of time do we even recognize how God is and has worked in our lives for the better. It is the learned experience of thanking God no matter what the situation. This is what gives me peace in my life. The assurance that no matter what I know that God is there and He is in charge!

  2. Duane Brush Says:

    March 29th, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    Dfoley, Thank you for sharing. The depth of your faith and trust in God, is an inspiration to others who are going their own difficult time. Many blessings, DB

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