Many Wise Counselors

March 18th, 2014

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Proverbs 4:1-13

“Some assembly required.” Judith looked at the small pile of nuts and bolts and all the large plastic pieces spread across the floor. How in the world would all these pieces fit together into a child’s “Big Wheel” tricycle? She searched for the instruction sheet and followed each step carefully as she and her husband labored to assemble this gift for their daughter.

If we can’t put together a child’s toy without directions, why would we ever think we can live a healthy Christian life without instructions? A wise person seeks out and listens to the wisdom of others. We cannot (and should not) follow every voice we hear, but we can ask God to help us discern which voices are wise, which voices are speaking God’s truth into our lives, consistent with God’s Word and teaching.

I thank God for the many wise teachers in my life, past and present. Parents, grandparents, teachers, trusted friends and colleagues have all provided godly counsel. Even those who have died still serve as a source of wisdom today as I recall their examples and words of advice.

Author: Judith A. Schwanz

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