Importance of Waiting

February 21st, 2014

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John 5:16-30

Recently a pastor lost his partner of over 60 years. He and his wife had served in ministry together, day in and day out for nearly all the years of their married life. They told each other everything. They prayed together, they cried together, they ate together, they slept together, and life was about being together. The one who has been left behind is now grieving a terrible loss. His partner, the one who knew his every thought, desire and motivation is now gone. Why is this pain so great? Because, throughout the years that they were together the two had literally become one. They knew their thoughts without even having to speak. It is just this type of relationship, only deeper, that is found within the Father and the Son.

Jesus and His Father share the same passions and the same thoughts; they are one and the same. Therefore, if we know Jesus, we know the Father. We don’t have to wait for heaven to meet the Father. Believe in Jesus today, and you believe in the Father today, and you will have eternal life.

Author: Carla D. Sunberg

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One Response to “Importance of Waiting”

  1. Sandra Sterkenburg Says:

    February 21st, 2014 at 1:23 pm

    I like the comparison. I’ve known couples like this pastor & his wife their relationship is what marriage should be. It is insightful as a father and son can never be as close as this couple but to see The Father & Son as this close make the concept of the Trinity a little more comprehensible.

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