Do You Want Jesus to Heal You?

February 20th, 2014

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John 5:1-15

Driving toward the airport on a gloomy fall day we went through an intersection jammed with cars. There, making her way through the traffic was a young mother, holding up a little sign, going from driver to driver, asking for enough money for a bus ticket home. She was crying out for mercy in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the world around her.

The same is true for the man that we find at the pool called Bethesda, “house of mercy.” He had been lying there for such a long time that when Jesus asked him whether he wanted to be healed, he didn’t say “yes” but instead began to list the excuses as to why he was ill. Maybe he had become so accustomed to his condition that he couldn’t fathom being healed.

Did the woman on the street really want help? I turned around and went back to the intersection and offered to take the girl to the bus station and buy her ticket. No, she didn’t really want a ticket she just wanted my money. The question from Jesus was really a spiritual one, “Do you want to get well?” or do we enjoy lying around complaining?

Author: Carla D. Sunberg


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