God Keeps Those Who Trust Him

February 10th, 2014

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Isaiah 25:1-12

How does it strike you when a football player celebrates a touchdown in the end zone? Some spike the ball, some do a little dance, and some simply hand the ball to the referee. In college football, if the celebration is too expressive, the scoring team might be penalized. For fans whose team has just scored, there is celebration. That celebration is intensified at the end of the game for the winning team. Celebration is part of the game.

Challenge to Holy Living

If celebration is appropriate in sports, how much more should celebrate when God’s victories affect the direction and outcome of our spiritual journey? Isaiah’s words are a celebration of God’s victory on behalf of His people. God’s victory is their victory. That is cause for celebration. And that celebration does not belong only to an individual or isolated group. It is a reason for all God’s people to celebrate. It is reason to celebrate when a brother or sister in Christ experiences spiritual, physical, or emotional healing. It is a reason to celebrate when a new Christian comes to faith in Christ.

Author: Richard H. Neiderhiser

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