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February 6th, 2014

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1 Corinthians 1:26—2:5

The caste system of India is an aspect of Hindu religion. Put simply, it is a process of categorizing people in occupational groups. It basically identifies people by social and occupational standing. There are certain criteria that identify each caste, and a person is expected to live, work, and perform socially according to those criteria.

Challenge to Holy Living

At first glance it might appear that the apostle Paul is underrating the mental capabilities of some of the brothers and sisters in the faith. However, what he is proposing is that there is no system of preference (no sort of caste) for those who might be sophisticates over those who are plain and ordinary folks. He insists that so far as God is concerned there is no class system in the Church. Wisdom comes from God. It is not the primary characteristic that distinguishes the haves from the have-nots.

Paul’s sermons were not demonstrations of oratory skills or clever semantics. They were demonstrations of the Spirit’s power–proclamations of “righteousness, holiness and redemption” (1:30).

Author: Richard H. Neiderhiser


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