All Things Are Possible

January 30th, 2014

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Mark 9:14-27

Our church built a new sanctuary in 1980. Five years later, the board received a letter from the local electric utility. “When you built your facility, we installed new electric meters. They have been recording only half of your electricity usage. We will work with you to care for the accumulated $25,000 bill.” Everyone on the board was in shock (the pun is intended!).

Our wise treasurer introduced strategies to meet the need. When he finished, the pastor spoke up. He said he believed that God could work through the prayers of His people to meet this need. On Wednesday night and Sunday morning he simply invited the people to trust, pray, and fast intentionally that God would provide. The following week, when we came to church, he told the congregation he had received a follow-up letter from the utility company. Its essence was, “Since we were the ones who had installed the meter improperly, we have decided to forgive the entire amount due!”

We can trust God with any need–when we are obedient, He gives us the faith to unleash the miraculous in our lives in His ever-creative and unexpected ways.

Author: J. Timothy White

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