Who Ya Gonna’ Worship?

January 28th, 2014

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Acts 14:8-20

The temptation to Paul and Barnabas was real. They had been identified as “miracle workers.” They could accept the praise, pretend that the miracles belonged to them, but pay an eternal price later. However, both of them had walked with Jesus long enough to know that all the praise belonged to God. They knew that there was only one choice: to publicly reject the misguided praise, point to Jesus as their source, and accept the short-term pain of public rejection in exchange for the long-term gain of heaven’s approval.

It’s still sometimes tempting to accept the glory for things done by God or by others. Part of the call to disciples is to praise God for the miracles we see happening through our lives and in the lives of others, and remember that every good gift comes from the hand of the Father of Lights.

Author: J. Timothy White


One Response to “Who Ya Gonna’ Worship?”

  1. Barbara Says:

    January 28th, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    I have never heard of the reference to God as the “Father of Lights”.

    Upon searching the internet, I located that this is the name of a Christian Group (assumedly a singing group).

    At first thought I agreed.

    The plural of light is my concern. After all, God created light and the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name opens our eyes whereas we can see spiritual light, thus, different kinds of light. However, man can also create an artificial light with works not by grace.

    (Just something for us to ponder as not to worship in err.)

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