Praying For Deliverance

January 7th, 2014

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Psalm 35:15-28

There are many Christians in our world today for whom the prayer found in Psalm 35 would have personal significance. Some live under oppressive regimes that forbid profession of loyalty to Jesus Christ. These believers must worship in secret. They must not speak up in public or run the risk of persecution. Numerous Christian martyrs have been reported in such areas. Where certain religions traditionally have made converts by threat of physical harm the life of Christians is often precarious.

A couple who are members of the Sunday School class I teach regularly request prayer for family members who serve the Lord in a country where they cannot present themselves as missionaries. They cannot tell us much about them for fear that they will be endangered.

In the Western world we know little personally about enemies who pursue us to take our lives. We may think of relief from minor irritations. While God is certainly interested in the tiniest details of our lives, if we compare our problems with “suffering saints” around our world, perhaps our prayers should be directed on their behalf.

Author: H. Ray Dunning

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