Dirty Feet

December 29th, 2013

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Luke 6:37-49

The main thrust of discipleship is to learn and obey the teachings of Jesus. In essence, in Jesus day, a student of a rabbi was a disciple. A lot has been written about the relationship between a student and his rabbi. There was a huge time investment in the relationship. Literally, the disciple would follow the rabbi as they traveled from point to point.

Jesus admonishes us to stay focused on the teacher as opposed to the judging (or observing) the lives of others. The distraction of judgmentalism will keep us from watching Jesus. Of course, sitting at the feet of the rabbi or teacher meant often sitting in the dirt, listening. You can understand the old Jewish proverb that said, “Follow the rabbi, drink in his words, and be covered with the dust of his feet.”

In this way: by following, listening, and observing the Teacher, we can become like Him. Our fruit resembles His fruit. Our language sounds like His language. Our souls are filled with His influence and nature.

How dusty are you today?

Author: Greg Mason

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