Imitating Jesus

December 25th, 2013

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Philippians 3:1-11

As a child I wanted to be like the great baseball player Pete Rose. I tried to play just like him, but I was far from Pete Rose. The truth is Pete did not get where he was simply by playing in games. He became a great player in long, tiring, sweaty hours of practice. I wanted to play like him, but I did not want to work like him.

The apostle Paul has a deep desire to be like Jesus. Paul had an incredible background. Still, it takes more than education, birthright, and inheritance to be like Jesus. To be like Jesus we must be willing to suffer–even to the point of death. Only in Jesus’ sacrifice and suffering do we meet the essence of His grace and love.

Being like Jesus is easy when the weather is nice, the kids get along, and people notice us. However, to be like Jesus is to participate in His sufferings. As I heard evangelist Stephen Manley say: “Put a microphone in my hand, I’ll be there. Put my name in lights, I’ll show up: but, a cross?”

Author: Greg Mason

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