A Proposal?

December 20th, 2013

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Luke 4:38-44

The phone rings: Good news, Dad! He proposed tonight. Of course what she didn’t know was that “he” had already sought permission for “your daughter’s hand in marriage.” The worst part of all the excitement was that dad had to keep quiet about it for several months until the engagement ring was purchased; a challenge for any dad. All dads want to proclaim the good news to their friends, that’s what dads do. The time for proposals and proclamations of marriage has now passed in our household.

Luke 4:43 tells a similar proclamation story. Jesus states that He must “proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God” to everyone for that is His purpose in life. Rick Warren, author of the popular book The Purpose Driven Life states in the first sentence: “It’s not about you.” The remainder of the chapter explains how the quest for personal fulfillment, satisfaction, and meaning can only be found in understanding and doing what God placed you on Earth to do. Oh how simple the message: proclaim the good news of God’s love and grace for everyone.

Author: Nancy R. Henry

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