Did You Hear Me?

November 28th, 2013

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Luke 1:1-17

I have arrived at the stage in life where far too many people mumble. The number of people who fail to speak up and properly enunciate is extremely alarming. I am not sure what has caused this problem. Maybe they have listened to too much loud music or follow the speaking style of their favorite TV or singing personalities. They all mumble, too. My wife has been so bold as to suggest that the problem may not be other people. She seems to think that I should get my hearing checked; at least that is what I think she said!

Thankfully, God has no hearing problem. The angel told Zechariah, “Your prayer has been heard.” Zechariah must have known immediately which prayer. “Your wife Elizabeth will bear a son.” That must have been The Prayer, the prayer they had prayed for so long and eventually abandoned as hopeless. Nevertheless, God had heard. The answer was delayed because God had a special plan for this child.

God hears each prayer. When the answer is delayed we should not assume His answer is “no,” it may be “not yet.” Are you listening?

Author: Duane C. Brush



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