A Return Worth Looking For

November 18th, 2013

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Mark 14:53-65

Vacations are great. They rejuvenate a weary body and spirit. Coming home from a vacation can make “regular” life easier to handle. For others returning to work, stress, relationships, and family drama can erase the good of being away.

We can feel this same way when we think about Jesus’ return. For some of us, we anxiously await His coming. There is joy, hope, and peace at the thought! But for others, even many long-time Christians, the idea of Jesus returning stirs up fear, regret, doubt, and stress.

Jesus spoke these words as He was being falsely accused before His crucifixion. He proclaimed in that dark and difficult place, this is not the end. Jesus willingly sacrificed himself for us, not so we could fear His return but so we could anticipate it.

Just like a vacation can shift our return to “regular” life for the better, so our faith should shift everything in our lives. If you are struggling with fear, doubt, pain, or anger, allow the Spirit to rejuvenate your faith!

Author: Olivia Metcalf


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