Whosoever Will

November 9th, 2013

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Acts 2:29-41

My father-in-law was in his 70s when he was born again. My conversion was much earlier in life but both of us came to faith through the devoted ministry of people who cared about us. In his case it was a pastor who patiently developed a friendship. Most of us are busy. This pastor was leading a strong congregation. But he somehow made time and patiently built a bridge of friendship with my father-in-law. Over time that bridge became strong enough that the gospel could be offered without offense and the sins of a lifetime were confessed and forgiven.

There is great joy in sins forgiven and growing in grace, but some have not yet experienced that joy. They may not know that salvation is available to everyone. They need someone in their lives who will help them find their way. Like the busy pastor who committed time to building and nurturing a relationship with my father-in-law and then he was used to witness redemption, we can be faithful to the people in our lives that the Holy Spirit is preparing.

Author: Kenneth E. Crow


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