King of Kings

November 6th, 2013

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Matthew 27:27-44

One memorable day several decades ago I had an audience with a king. His was not a large kingdom either in geographical area or in number of subjects. But within that small domain he was king, and we needed his approval to build a church for the converts in one of his communities. I confess that at the beginning I was not greatly impressed, but I came to understand that I was a commoner asking to speak with a king. My pastor advisors had helped me prepare the appropriate gifts and had instructed me on proper protocol so when we were finally ushered into his presence, the meeting was congenial.

We did not receive his permission that day but we started the process and I learned new lessons in humility. I also came away with a new awareness of the great privilege we have to come into the presence of the King of Kings. They mocked Jesus with the label, “The King of the Jews” but because of His suffering we may freely and often have an audience with the King of Kings.

Author: Kenneth E. Crow


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