Self-Made Or Steward?

October 28th, 2013

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Deuteronomy 8:10-20

Some cultures emphasize the importance of families and other groups. The culture in which I was raised and now live emphasizes the importance and accomplishments of individuals. We don’t think we need anyone else to get to where we are. On the other hand, even as we celebrate our ability to do things on our own, most of us who are parents do our best to positively influence and help our children. Those of us who are ministers believe the church can have a positive effect in the lives of our people. We value independence, but we believe groups like families and churches can make a significant difference in the accomplishments of individuals.

Deuteronomy (8:12-14 and 6:10-12) warns us that when crisis times pass and life becomes more comfortable, we may be tempted to forget the hard times and the faithfulness of God who gave us what it took to survive and get here. In that temptation our culture of pride in our personal accomplishments may work against us, making us more likely to forget that we are stewards of the ability God gives us to produce wealth.

Author: Kenneth E. Crow

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