Desiring God’s Approval

October 22nd, 2013

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Galatians 1:1-10

My Bible college professor, Rev. Charles Baldwin, greatly influenced my preaching. His countenance demanded public respect. His passion inspired personal reflection. One of the books Rev. Baldwin required his students to read had the most interesting title of any book I have ever owned, Loving God and Disturbing Men.* The author, Donald A. Leggett, deserves rave review for the book cover alone.

Often since those early days of ministry preparation, I have had to practically battle that title. Though the decision to simply love the Lord while profoundly disturbing the listeners should be an obvious one for a preacher to make, it does not happen automatically. Most people do not prefer to be rejected by the people in their lives. Preachers are no different.

What keeps a preacher loyal to God and God’s Word? Here are two right answers: (1) Desiring God’s approval, personally, and (2) desiring that the people hearing the messages will find God’s approval too.

* Loving God and Disturbing Men: Preaching from the Prophets by Donald A. Leggett (Toronto: Clements Publishing Group, 2003).

Author: Kerry Willis

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