Because I Said So

October 16th, 2013

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Matthew 21:23-27, 33-46

At times when I was growing up, I questioned my parents’ authority. “But why?” I used to ask them when they told me not to do something. Most of the time, they tried to explain their requests. Occasionally, though, when I exhausted their patience, they would answer with the response every child dreads: “Because I said so.” That answer didn’t settle well with me. I wanted answers.

The religious leaders of Jesus’ day had similar struggles. In Matthew 21, they asked Jesus why He was doing miracles and teaching the people. They wanted to know from where His authority came. Trusting Jesus at His word wasn’t an option for them.

Jesus, however, didn’t give them an answer. Instead, He responded with a question about John the Baptist. In essence, He said the same thing my parents used to tell me. Jesus didn’t need to provide an explanation for His actions. He knew from where He came and from whom He got His authority. The religious leaders might not have been able to accept His authority, but their doubts didn’t make Jesus any less certain of himself.

Author: Lindsey Bell

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