Why He Came

October 15th, 2013

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Matthew 20:20-28

If you look closely at Matthew 20:20-28, you’ll notice something about the mother of James and John. When she first came to Jesus, she knelt before Him. She worshiped Jesus with her posture, but her heart wasn’t in the right place. In fact, she came to Jesus–not to pay Him honor–but to obtain honor for her children. Jesus, though, knew her motives. He knew she wasn’t there to worship Him but to get something from Him.

In the verses that follow, Jesus turned her world upside down. Instead of honor for her children, He promised Servanthood; instead of praise, persecution. Jesus didn’t come to be served but to serve those around Him. Why should her children expect anything different?

Jesus came with the express purpose of serving the world. His kingdom wasn’t built on power but on service. In His kingdom, the great ones are the servants. In His kingdom, a true leader isn’t towering over his subjects, but stooping down to wash their feet. It’s why He came.

Author: Lindsey Bell

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