How Do You Like Me Now?

October 2nd, 2013

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Matthew 15:1-9

Did you ever feel out of your league in a particular conversation? Like me with cars. I know a few things, but I couldn’t tell you what kind of engine is under the hood of Dale Earnhart Junior’s car. And, as much as I hate to admit it as an avid football fan, I know some things about football plays and terminology, but I cannot describe the value of a three/four defense with any authority.

The Pharisees had entered a religious realm over their heads. They are “messing with the Son of God”! Their question on hand washing is no match for our Lord. Nevertheless, I love how Jesus rebounds. He exposes their attempt to squeeze God’s true Word into a mold that fits their system.

Jesus jumps out of the system. He pushes those religious leaders beyond their intellectual limits. He shows how they are tinkering with God’s Word to suit their purposes–and it isn’t going to work. This should be a warning to us as well. This is really a #howdoyoulikemenow Twitter moment.

Author: Matthew Zimmer

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