The Strength of God

September 28th, 2013

RG AUDIO 092813

Ephesians 1:15-23

This day, oh Lord, I sense my powerlessness. The drudgery and dreariness of life drains my energy. Each day, so many distractions, so many ways to displease You, myself, and those who trust in me. “Voices of earth unnumbered I hear; Cares and perplexing problems are near.” “Strong are the foes that conquer I must.” and “In my own strength but weakness I see.” I long for a closer walk with Thee.

Amid the care, “Let me Thy blessed fellowship share.” Let the closeness of my walk with You fill me with a power that is beyond my own. “Shield me and hide me; Constantly guide me.” Grant wisdom through Your Spirit, revelation through Your Word. Allow the eyes of my heart be lifted beyond my circumstance. Let me be enlightened with Your Light, empowered with Your Power. As You restored the hope of Christ’s despondent followers with the resurrection of their Lord, restore, too, my hope. Raise my spirit as You raised my Savior! Strengthen me with Your mighty strength.*

* Phrases from the hymn “A Closer Walk with Thee” by Haldor Lillenas, ©1924, Renewed 1952 by Lillenas Publishing Co. All rights reserved.

Author: Floyd T. Cunningham



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