Division in the Earth

September 25th, 2013

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Matthew 12:22-37

While teaching in Papua New Guinea my students told me a true story about a farmer with a “rascally” pig. It got off the rope tied around its foot and wandered over to a neighbor’s garden, where it enjoyed a feast of fresh vegetables. The neighbor who owned the garden shouted and waved his bush knife threateningly that his neighbor had better control his pig.

The farmer with the pig tied it more securely. Somehow, the pig, escaped again. This time the farmer with the garden brought his relatives, all waving their bush knives. The relatives of the farmer with the pig saw what was happening and grabbed their bush knives too.

The farmer tied the pig ever more tightly. Yet, for the third time, the pig got away! It looked like war, with the relatives of the farmer with the garden on one side, and the relatives of the farmer with the pig on the other.

Oh, did I mention that both of these farmers were Christians?

Finally the farmer with the pig did the only right thing: he took that rascally pig and handed him over to the farmer with the garden. He made peace. Undoubtedly they enjoyed a good feast.

Author: Floyd T. Cunningham

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