Seize The Day!

September 18th, 2013

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Matthew 9:35-38; 28:16-20

Joyce was so tired, she had just been through a dust storm and the travel hours were so much longer than she had planned. Finding her weary way to the back of the Wal-Mart store, she slowly pushed open the door to the rest room; loud sobbing greeted her coming from one of the stalls. Her weariness changed to compassion as she stood and prayed for the one who was in distress; finally the door opened and out emerged a young lady who was very pregnant. She looked at her and asked, “Do you need a hug?” She silently nodded her head and Joyce’s arms went around her in an embrace that lasted quite some time. Joyce found out her delivery date and promised to pray for her. Joyce still remember her in prayer, seven years later.

In Matthew 28, Jesus reminds His disciples that people are sheep without a shepherd who need tender care. He also commands us to go and disciple people everywhere. The harvest is ready. Are we looking to seize the day and help someone along the way? How would you describe the spiritual and moral state of the place where you live?

Author: Joyce Anderson


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