In God We Trust

September 11th, 2013

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Matthew 6:19-24

He drew minimum wage for cleaning rest rooms and sweeping floors at the local bank. Broom in hand, he complained to a customer, “Times are so hard,” he said, “a feller can no longer live off the interest.” The story in back of the story says it all. He had money or there would have been no interest.

We smile at an anecdote as sobering as it is true. While we know nothing of the man’s intent (could be that he willed every cent to the Salvation Army) we must each one face up to how we feel about money and other treasures.

It is both right and good to plan and provide for old age here on earth. It is also right and good to give to God. Trusting Him to choose the right equation may mean trimming our budget. Less crowded closets could lead to an increase in giving. A heart toward God and giving will enhance the work of world missions, clothe the homeless, provide food for the hungry, and more.

Trusting God with our treasures makes more sense than pushing a broom in front of a vault filled with money grown musty from lack of use.

Author: C. Ellen Watts


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