Safe Haven

September 10th, 2013

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Psalm 56:1-13

He had been wronged! To report unethical behavior on the part of a popular supervisor could cost him his job. If repeated, that same unethical behavior could jeopardize the positions of others. Without naming person or problem, he enlisted the prayers of family and friends and asked God for courage to do what he knew he must do and contacted the proper authority.

In the end the problem was quietly corrected. He still had his job, and would now try his best to work in harmony with the one who wronged him. He need not fear for God honors our efforts to handle sticky situations in right ways.

Then he faced the challenge of another job interview, and another, and then one more. Should he accept the opportunity to walk away from the problem? Or should he stay and risk retaliation on the part of the supervisor? Choosing to trust God and not be afraid, he stayed.

Today, if the enemy is out to get you, we need not fear. What people can do to you is peanuts compared to what God can and will do for you if you take the problem to Him and ask.

Author: C. Ellen Watts



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