Go For The Gold

September 6th, 2013

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Matthew 5:1-16

Pesos, dollars, rubles, and yen; trophies, licorice sticks, and more–all have been given as rewards. Some were earned; others were not because humans often exhibit a skewed sense of fairness. We bend rules and lean toward personal bias. Even the giving of the Pulitzer Prize has at times been questioned, likewise the awarding of Olympic medals.

There will be no bending of rules when it comes to heavenly rewards, for we serve a just God. His rewards are for those who are alive to the needs of the soul and who mourn the sin that separates people from the One who loves us most.

God is pleased with a quiet, gentle spirit and with those who hunger for righteousness enough to practice right living. The ones who realize that mercy and a pure heart are gifts from God that can neither be earned nor purchased. The biggest rewards, it seems, will be handed to those willing to endure false accusations, suffer persecution, and take flak in the name of Christ.

The reward is worth living for.

Author: C. Ellen Watts

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