Food That Satisfies

September 4th, 2013

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Isaiah 55:1-13

Comfort food: These words spark memories of childhood’s culinary favorites or regional food specialties designed to delight the palate. Too bad most are high in fat and carbohydrates.

While it is all right at times to enjoy comfort-type foods–fried chicken, redeye gravy, coconut cream pie–it’s a fact that we are (or at least can become) what we eat. My mother had the right idea. Culinary delight to her meant a red ripe tomato fresh from the garden, a succulent pear, or the first green spears of asparagus. Even so, it is all food for the body.

The writer had more in mind when he penned this passage from the book of Isaiah. Humans are designed to be filled with the riches of God’s glory–food that nourishes the spirit–food that satisfies. Those who hear the word of God and refuse to partake will be forever hungry. Many will search for satisfaction in wrong places and remain hungry. Only those who willingly partake of the riches to be found in Christ Jesus will find fulfillment.

Author: C. Ellen Watts



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