From the Inside Out

August 21st, 2013

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Hosea 13:1-8

I remember seeing a report that an enormous pine tree in the mountains of Colorado had fallen victim to a pine beetle and died. According to the locals, up to that point the tree was thought to be indestructible. It had survived 14 lightning strikes and many years of Colorado winters, including avalanches and fires. Nevertheless, it was eventually brought down from within by a tiny insect that did its work silently.

The Israelites joyfully accepted God’s loving care when they were leaving Egypt, but as soon as they got to Canaan, they became indifferent to God’s care. Now they thought they could do it on their own. On the outside they looked pretty good, but on the inside they were dying.

It’s easy when things are going well or going our way to forget God and think that we can do all things in our own strength. In my ministry I’ve seen places where God showed me that I needed to rely on Him more. I was reminded then that without God I can do nothing. He is God and He will take care of us.

Author: Yonette R. Moorgan


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